Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Where Has All The Fashion Gone


Americans don't know how to dress anymore.  Maybe I think that because I am too old fashioned at 35.  When I look at college students today, these are some of the things I observe on a daily basis.  Short shorts with fur boots.  Seriously?  If your legs are cold wear pants!  Spandex pants with t-shirts are now appropriate classroom attire.  Gone are the days where students dress appropriately for class.  And don't get me started on faculty.  It is not appropriate for a college professor to wear jeans and a t-shirt unless they are administering a final exam. (I give everyone a fashion pass that week!)  I've even seen professors wear shorts.  It makes my head explode.  Dress for success people!

I am a shirt and tie person myself.  I like three piece suits and fedoras.  I inherited what I can only describe as a hat fetish from my late grandfather who had a collection of well over one hundred baseball caps.  Most of them had statements on them that just about anyone would consider offensive.  My favorite had a bill that was twelve inches long.  The hat said "Mine's Longer Than Yours."  My papaw was quite the character!

The 1940s are my favorite decade when it comes to fashion.  I think the movie stars of that era are way classier and much better dressed than those we have today.  Thank God for Mod Cloth!  I've bought my wife quite a few dresses from them.  She looks good in 40s clothing.....well, any clothing, but especially 40s clothing.  There is something about a well dressed woman from that era that make me go weak in the knees.

Thankfully a lot of the youth today have rediscovered 1920s fashion thanks to the recent Great Gatsby movie.  I hope they keep that interest alive.  Not only can they learn a little bit about history but they can also dress the part.  What more can you ask for?

I guess my question is where did we go wrong as a county?  Why are we so casual in our attire, even in the workplace?  What happened?  I wish I knew.

My name is Lee Hutch and I am a well dressed but half a$$ historian!

6 years, 20 pounds, and a lifetime ago.
This was my standard detective wardrobe.

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